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Toyota's First Big Blunder?

10 new hybrid models rolled out, and they announce intentions to have hybrids make up 25% of their vehicles sold.

This could be a mistake because hybrids aren't anywhere near as good on gas as touted. The lifetime use of a hybrid is also still unknown...a horrible resale value because hybrids turn out to be a disposable car (not worth the cost to replace the hybrid components) wouldn't be good for sales, and would be horrible for the environment.

Which is mistake number two: with consumer awareness rising as to hybrids not meeting gas mileage expectations, but with the company already committed to producing hybrids (haing gambled on it being the Next Big Thing), they have to point to a reason, and they seem to have seized upon "It's for the environment!" But I think with all the chemicals involved in producing batteries, a hybrid probably isn't all that environment-friendly, and if more information on that drifts throughout the car community, Toyota may have a boondoggle on their hands.

I admit it: I wanted a hybrid based on their claims. But I waited, because new technology is often buggy. With the information coming out over the last year, I'm glad I waited.