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Still, the Chiefs Shouldn't Have to Move

But it's a two-way street. The leadership of Jackson County and the state of Missouri should probably get involved, as Mr. Gretz points out. Otherwise, why should the Chiefs sacrifice to stay in Arrowhead if Jackson County and Missouri won't lift a finger to help?

"Love" isn't just words. It requires that you follow through with actions. I'm sure Jackson County loves the money and prestige and free national exposure they get from hosting the Chiefs. Tangible appreciation must support rhetoric.

Why The Chiefs Must Win the Superbowl This Year

Sure, TG and Dante probably need another record-breaking season or several more seasons of being dangerous weapons before they become a lock. Priest may have problems since he lost so many games to injury and wasn't a force until he came to the Chiefs (although I don't think there's ever been a runner so dangerous inside the 20...which is sufficient to meet Hall of Fame criteria, in my opinion).

But look at that: there are five near-lock Hall of Famers playing on the same team right now. They are all on offense, which is why are offense has been so good.

But we cannot allow future generations to ask: "If they had so many legends on one team, why couldn't they win even one Superbowl?" Heck, I'm not sure I could face my grandchildren if they can ask me: "If they had so many legends on one team, why couldn't they win even one playoff game?"

And let's face it: if KC builds a little mini-dynasty, plugging in players when the older ones drop off, like Roaf and Shields being replaced by Sampson and Black, and Holmes being replaced by Larry J, and Patrick Surtain being replaced by Alphonso Hodge, then even peope like Tony Richardson, Trent Green, Jared Allen, and a few others might have a chance to make the Hall of Fame (as many of the players associated with the Patriots of the last 4 years might). Nothing gets the "legend" accolade like winning the big one.

So that's why. We need to cement the legend status of some of these great KC players, and create some new legends at the same time.