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Give Me Back Those Two Hours!

As you probably guessed by the title, I saw Star Wars III today. the Jedi are...what? Journalists? Emperor McChimpy got Blair, Raines, Rather in a sneak attack, then left a beacon at the New York Times/Jedi Temple to try and lure any other ones in?

Who, then, is Princess/Senator Amidala? Hmmm...whiny, oxygen-thief useless hysterical woman...either Maureen O'Dowd or Paul Krugman, I'd guess...

And is Jeff Gannon Anakin/Darth Vader? A gay man who thus should be liberal, he betrayed his Jedi/Journalistic training and was turned to the dark (Republican) side...

Hey, this is kinda fun. I guess Captain Cody (K think that was his name) is maybe Colin Powell? Or just any military person who should hate their evil, Republican masters but instead follow orders with relish and respect?

Aside: wouldn't every clone be Captain Cody...? How would they know which one they were talking to...?